Thursday 22 June 2017

Waved Carpet

Waved Carpet - this subtle little moth is a Nationally Scarce B species - a big thank you to Martin for popping in with it this evening. Needless to say it's a brand new species for me and, to be honest, one that wasn't really on my radar. Martin trapped it in his garden near Kentisbeare. Amazing what he gets out there in deepest darkest Devon!
Good numbers trapped again last night, in the garden, with 50+ macro species including nine which were new for the year - Shark, Scalloped Oak, Small Yellow Wave, Purple Bar, Ghost Moth, Sycamore, Sandy Carpet and Oak Nycteoline. Migrants were represented by just a couple Silver Y and a couple Rusty-dot Pearl.

Grey Arches

Hook-marked Straw Moth - Agapeta hamana

Bordered Sallow - a lovely moth and only my third trapped here.

Female Ghost Moth - don't see too many of these.

Bird-cherry Ermine

Single-dotted Wave

Small Yellow Wave


Olive Pearl - Udea olivalis

Green Arches (above) and Clay Triple-lines (below) - two beautiful moths that I just don't trap here. These two came courtesy of Martin.


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