Thursday 29 June 2017

Short-barred Groundling

Short-barred Groundling - Caryocolum blandella - Gore Lane. This neat little 'gelechiid' was the highlight of this afternoon's moth search along Gore Lane.
It's amazing how enjoyable gently tapping a hedge with a stick can be! I spent about an hour after work, looking for moths along Gore Lane, and recorded Cinnabar, Snout, Yellow Shell, Scorched Carpet, Ruddy Carpet, Wood Carpet, Clouded Border, Dwarf Cream Wave, V-Pug, Double-striped Pug, Large Ivy Tortrix, Common Marble, Beautiful Plume, Riband Wave, Small Blood Vein, Barred Yellow, Short-barred Groundling, Diamond-back Moth and a couple unidentified micro species.
On the bird front - 23 Sandwich Tern and a single Manx Shearwater off the seafront were as good as it got!

I think this is Hedya pruniara or H. Ochroleucana. Either way it's a common bird-dropping mimic as I found several along a short stretch of hedgerow.

Wood Carpet

Dwarf Cream Wave - good numbers present along a short stretch of hedgerow.

Scorched Carpet - a small colony of this species was found.

Barred Yellow

Coleophora sp

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