Saturday, 24 May 2014

Second Post - Osprey and Storm Petrel

Shortly after my last post I glanced out of Joel's bedroom window to see the osprey hunting off Mudbank. It took a dive but missed and sat belly deep in the river for a few seconds before lifting off. I decided to nip down to the river to try for a photo but when I got there it had vanished. Heavy rain set in but it returned a while later, flying towards the Warren but always way too distant for a photo. I had a text from Lee Collins who was watching it from the Warren, mentioning that he'd received a text to say a pomarine skua had been seen heading north out of Torbay. I headed down to the raised beach huts and quickly picked up a storm petrel dancing around buoy number 3 - always a joy to see. It soon headed south but was followed by a second bird a short while later. Lee managed to get both from the Warren. Thanks, as always, for the texts Lee. Back home for the Champions League final with Joel, my son, who is currently dressed in last year's bottle green Champion's League Real Madrid kit - one very excited 8 year old!

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