Sunday 24 April 2022

Y Wag Eiders

The Green-winged Orchids are looking good on Orcombe at the moment. Amazing what a difference a week makes.

An early morning look at Orcombe revealed 1 Yellow Wagtail, 1 Reed Warbler, 1 Wheatear, 1 White Wagtail, 6+ Whitethroats, 5 Willow Warblers and 5 Blackcaps
A Sedge Warbler was singing in the reedbed at West Lodge and nearby, off Mudbank, 4 Dunlin, 12 Bar-tailed Godwits, 29 Whimbrels and 3 Dark-bellied Brent Geese
Off the seafront - a distant drake and female Eider and 18 Sandwich Terns.

 Sedge Warbler - West Lodge.


  1. Just catching up on some of your posts, Matt. Gorgeous GW Orchids- a while I've seen them. Saw the glorious Lady Orchid hybrid last week at Goring along with Pasque Flowers & my first Dingy Skippers & Green Hairstreaks of the year.

  2. Hi Neil - great to hear from you. The Lady Orchid hybrid sounds great. Kev and I saw the Monkey x Lady hybrids last year in the Chilterns. I'm way behind with butterflies. Have seen very few, but did see Small Copper this afternoon. All the best. Matt

  3. Is Spring Beauty in flower on the Maer yet?

  4. Hi Andrew - checked after work today and yes it is. Unfortunately doesn't look in as good condition as it did last year. Will post some photos later. All the best. Matt

    1. Thanks, Matt! Could you let me know where to look, please?

  5. Hi Andrew - find the 2 red dog bins at the corner of the cricket pitch perimeter hedge. Walk from them straight towards the sea. The grass thickens and slopes up a bit before you reach the road. The flowers are on the slope, just to the right of three small dark shrubs (which I think are young Holm Oaks). Hope that all makes sense. Best of luck. Matt

  6. Hello Matt, Thanks for the directions. I will have a look on Friday. The discoloration could be a fungal bonus. Saw the sea for the first time this year on Saturday so seeing it again might blow my mind! Regards, Andrew.