Tuesday 5 November 2019

Richard's Pipit

A Richard's Pipit with a small Skylark flock this evening on Orcombe Point. I was able to get out for half an hour between work and darkness and I picked this bird up on call - a strident, hoarse 'bzzeeeip'. - reminiscent of House Sparrow but not quite the same. It flushed from the big grass field at the top of Gore Lane and flew around with Skylarks calling. It did the whole 'hover drop' routine before landing and flushed a second time before moving to the adjacent field where I left it, not long before dark. My record shots are the usual terrible standard but at least show the wagtail-like profile with long tail relative to body.
This is my third on Orcombe but a nice shot of one on the deck remains an ambition. Interestingly my last was two years ago to the day - 5/11/17.

Wagtail-like profile. Blyth's would show a more Meadow Pipit-like profile.

Size comparison with Skylark on the left.

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