Wednesday 26 October 2016

Yank Wigeon Field Notes

Despite a bit of research I'm still not 100% sure I've got this right but I think it's a young drake. The wing coverts have some grey feathering (see my attempts to sketch what I could see in the field) but definitely looked very white when the bird was in flight. On the photo below the tail looks spiky - perhaps another indication that it's a young bird. What I need of course is better views and ideally better photographs.


  1. Hi Matt. Great skills as ever buddy, I've been hoping for something that looks like this on the Axe! Definitely a male, and I would say (without looking anything up at all) it's got to be a first-year. I think an adult in whatever stage of eclipse (presumably by now coming to the end of it?) would look more like an adult drake. It just has the look of a young bird to me. Sure this doesn't help at all - just my feelings without any knowledge!

    1. Just had a quick look online, this should help:

  2. Thanks Steve - agree entirely but would be nice to have something definitive. Will check out your link. Many thanks once again. Matt

  3. Hi Matt - Well done and great find as always. I don't have much experience of Yank Wigeon age groups, but I wouldn't totally rule out a well marked female? It may just be the photos, but the cream forehead doesn't look that striking? It might help looking at the 2 females on the Gannel I did a blog post on in 2014.
    Also Plate 12 on the BB paper is worth comparing to your bird: Regardless, I hope it re-appears as certainly worth seeing and thanks for the text. Sorry I wasn't able to come over.

  4. Of course nothing like seeing the bird first hand! Just seen your sketches which show an obvious cream forehead!