Saturday 21 April 2018

Whitethroats, Hobby and Garganey

Two Whitethroats on Orcombe this morning. They've been a long time coming. The same can be said for the Green-winged Orchids - a lot of staring at a lot of grass before I picked a couple up. Also on Orcombe - still 2 White Wagtails, but otherwise very quiet.
Maer Rocks yielded singles of Grey Heron, Dunlin, Turnstone and Whimbrel, but I was quite glad of the excuse to leave for football to be honest - that's how quiet things are at the moment.
Paul Gosling was already at the archery club football pitch when we arrived. He'd dug out a male Redstart on heathland just below the pitches, but it had disappeared by the time we got there. I do hope that's not the only Redstart we get in Exmouth this year!
This afternoon I did a lightening dash to Bowling Green to get my fill of the male Garganey. Didn't see the female. Two Ruff were a bonus. A second look for Paul's Redstart was unsuccessful but I did manage to see a Hobby not too far away. Always a joy.

Green-winged Orchid - late this year, along with everything else.

I don't know the first thing about flowers but this one stood out a bit whilst I searched for orchids. Anybody know what it is?


  1. Nice one on the Whitethroats. They have been a long time coming indeed.

  2. Hi Matt I suspect the plant is the white version of Green-winged Orchid var alba