Friday, 31 March 2017

Pine Beauty and Singing Sibe

Pine Beauty - a big thank you to Nick for popping round with one of my favourite moths. It's only the second one I've seen and was every bit as beautiful as I'd remembered. Must get the trap running!
I stepped out the front door this morning, on my way to work, to be greeted by some frantic calling from the Yellow-browed Warbler. It was back in the red-leaved tree but as tricky as ever to see. I stood watching (and trying to photograph it) for 15 minutes and was chuffed when it started to utter little snippets of song. I'm crap at describing songs and calls but to my ear it was giving a repeated, clipped 'chut' note followed by some quite feeble descending 'sweep' notes. A little bit disappointing I suppose, considering how forcefully it delivers its usual 'tsooeet' call. I'm guessing from its more vocal behaviour that it's getting quite restless. If it doesn't leave tonight I don't reckon it'll be too long.
A quick scoot round this evening produced my first Swallow of the year, on Orcombe, and a Mediterranean Gull and Sandwich Tern off the seafront.

Still no decent photo.

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