Sunday 22 January 2017



Up to six Cirl Buntings at the local sight this morning - the most I've ever seen. Numbers of other stuff unremarkable with c50+ Chaffinch, 1 Reed Bunting, c5+ Yellowhammer, 2 Mistle Thrushes and 25+ Redwing. The crop is still being planted but apparently no seed has been put out on the tables for two years.
Otherwise - 8 Goldeneye off Mudbank, including 1 adult drake, was the most I've seen in ages but the Scaup has again gone walkabouts.


  1. Hi Matt, the scaup was back on Exminster Marsh lagoon today. Your photos tell me it's the same bird, plus the fact it is only here when it is missing from Exmouth James

  2. Hi James - many thanks. It's back off Mudbank tonight. Miss it when it's gone! Great to hear from you - feels like years since I last saw you. Rarely get over to Exminster Marshes these days. Trust you're keeping well. All the best. Matt