Friday 10 June 2016

This Week's Moths

Diamond-back Moth
Tens of thousands of Diamond-backs were 'kicked up' from long grass and weedy areas around the bases of hedges on Orcombe earlier in the week. This afternoon there were still plenty around but numbers had clearly dropped.


Highlight of the week was this Treble Brown Spot, courtesy of Nick who has trapped up to six this week. A brand new species for me and a real stunner. Nick also trapped this Orange Footman (below) - a species I've only ever seen on a couple occasions and again, a really smart little moth.

Possible Hoary Footman

Ruddy Carpet - Orcombe Point - very tricky to photograph.
Galium Carpet - Orcombe Point

Silver-ground Carpet - Orcombe Point

Grey Pug - Orcombe Point

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