Monday, 27 March 2017

Osprey No2 and YBW again

Yellow-browed Warbler - quite a scruffy looking individual - this is its best side!
My second Osprey of the spring flew slowly north at 1750 this afternoon - viewed from Mudbank Lane. Otherwise just 6 Red-breasted Merganser noted on the river.
The Yellow-browed Warbler was feeding in our neighbours' tree when I first checked shortly after 7am and was still present when I left for work at 8am. It never called once. I'd love to know how many times I've walked out of my door and straight past it! It's quite weird to be able to watch this bird from the sofa, in my living room, and ironic to think I checked several potential wintering sites for this species back in December and January without a shred of success. Anybody interested in seeing it needs to check the two dark-red leaved trees that flank house number 35 on Belle Vue Road, but please respect the privacy of residents (I've checked with the occupiers of number 35 and they're happy for me to put this on the blog).

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