Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Two New Moths!

Map-winged Swift - a new one for me, trapped last night at Saint Hill by Martin. The larvae feed on bracken roots so I suppose they're possible on the local commons, and there's an outside chance of trapping one here in Exmouth. Having said that, it's not on the Warren list so perhaps they're not prone to wandering.
Another huge thank you to Martin, who again provided me some brand new moths. It's been another busy day at work, so to come home to a Map-winged Swift and a Tawny Pinion was a real tonic. Martin keeps churning out new species for his lovely garden in deepest Devon, even though he's been trapping regularly there for six years. To say that I've benefitted from his efforts is an understatement, and I'm extremely grateful to him for this!
No other news apart from a singing Reed Warbler in the West Lodge reedbed late yesterday evening. My first in Exmouth this year and presumably just a late bird on passage.

Tawny Pinion - another nice new one, and great to get so soon after seeing my first Pale Pinion. The key feature which helps separate it from the similar Pale Pinion is the blackish line extending upwards from near the trailing corner - more visible on the above photo.

Tawny Pinion - compare with Pale Pinion below.
Pale Pinion - trapped by Nick on 22/4/18

Obscure Wainscot - a bonus on top of the two new species, and only my second following one trapped in the back garden last year.

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