Friday, 18 April 2014


turtle dove

male moussier's redstart - near Tamri

stone curlews seemed to be present on every patch of waste ground in Agadir

migrant whitethroat, redstart, blackcap and nightingale were seen from our hotel balcony

We've just got back from a week's family package holiday to southern Morocco. We were based at a beach resort in Agadir so most birding was done in and around the hotel grounds before breakfast, but we did hire a car to go and see the famous northern bald ibis flock at Tamri, about 45 minutes north of Agadir. I also did a couple trips to the Oued Sous, about 20 minutes south of where we were based, but made no attempt to visit the famous desert or Atlas Mountain sites - it simply wouldn't have been fair on the family, plus I found the driving pretty tricky and at times damn scary! We also did a strictly non-birding cultural trip to the amazing Marrakech, but I didn't even take the bins - I did see a few birds there though!

laughing dove 

common bulbul - a very common and vociferous species, everywhere we went

booted eagle - Marrakech

 white stork - Marrakech

little swift - Marrakech - I saw quite a few little swifts but unsurprisingly, struggled like mad to photograph them. Several were seen in Marrakech but I also frequently saw them around the hotel in Agadir. Probably my bird of the trip. Pallid swift was also seen in numbers but I struggled to confirm any common swifts, such is the difficulty of separating the two species in bright sunshine.

male serin photographed from the hotel balcony

fan-tailed warbler - Agadir

first summer western yellow-legged gull. I photographed a lot of these around the hotel grounds. They used the swimming pools to bathe in the evenings!

black wheatear - Tamri - rubbish photo but a wonderful species

southern grey shrike of the race 'algeriensis'. I just couldn't get close to this bird.

northern bald ibis - Tamri - 1 of 16+ seen

magpie of the race 'mauritanica'

barbary partridge

male chaffinch of the north african race 'africana'

collared pratincole - 2 of 4 that flew high overhead at Oued Sous

thekla lark

male sardinian warbler - common and very approachable around the hotel grounds

spotless starling

spanish sparrows

 western olivaceous warbler - another species seen from the hotel balcony - note the brown toned upperparts and pale lores. The bill on this bird was enormous but it has been foreshortened by the angle the head is held. The photo below gives you a better idea.

if only that twig wasn't there!

african blue tit

above - amata fabriclus and below a crimson speckled

house bunting - Marrakech - feeding around our feet as we ate lunch in a restaurant - an amazing species that became more common the deeper we went into the Soukh. Birds were also seen in Agadir and I even found a singing male inside a large supermarket!

Other species seen included cattle egret, 'moroccan' cormorant, 'moroccan' white wagtail, red-rumped swallow, ruddy shelduck, black-eared wheatear, 'iberian' yellow wagtail, woodchat shrike, audouin's gull, greater flamingo, black-winged stilt, bee-eater, osprey, gull-billed tern, spoonbill, kentish plover, purple heron, squacco heron, western bonelli's warbler, western subalpine warbler and black kite.


  1. Cracking report and pics Matt! I'm dead jealous! You haven't missed much here - the weather's been far too good to ground many migrants. One solitary Redstart up at Orc yesterday!

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